Congratulations Tabita Kreko on her publication in Cell Stress!
Dr. Martin Paukert Featured in the GSBS Faculty Videos

Click here to see Dr. Paukert's video.

Congratulations to the Kim Lab for their publication in Nature Communications!

Click here to read the article. 

Congratulation to Dr. Martin Paukert for being featured in UT Health's Future magazine!
Congratulation Tabita Kreko - Pierce for her recent publication in Journal of Cell Science!!
Congratulation to Corena Shaffer, Graduate Research Assistant, for her article being featured in the Pipette Gazette!

Click here to read her article. 

Congratulations to Rafael Veraza, Graduate Research Assistant, for his article being featured in the Pipette Gazette!

Click here to read the article.

Elizabeth Cody, Research Laboratory Technician, was featured on San Antonio Living!!

Click here to see the segment.

Congratulations award recipient Candice Van Skike, Ph.D.!!!

Titled: Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship

-Alzheimer’s Association 

Congratulations award recipient Stacey Hussong, Ph.D!!

Titled: VA BLR&D Career Development Award (CDA-2)

- VA 

Congratulations to Nicole Baganz, a former student in Dr. Daws lab, for being featured in Mission magazine!!!
Congratulations to Swati Banerjee and all co-authors for their publication in Developmental Biology!!

Banerjee, S., Mino, R., Fisher, E. and Bhat, M.A. (2017). A Versatile Genetic Tool to Study Midline Glia Function in the Drosophila CNS. Developmental Biology (in press).

Congratulations to Julia and all co-authors for their Cover publication in the July issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Research!!

Saifetiarova, J., Liu, X., Taylor, A.M., Li, J. and Bhat, M.A. (2017). Axonal Domain Disorganization in Caspr1 and Caspr2 Mutant Myelinated Axons Affects Neuromuscular Junction Integrity Leading to Muscle Atrophy. J. Neurosci. Res. DOI: 10.1002/jnr.24052

Congratulations to Melodi Bowman!!

Melodi was awarded First Place in the Neuropharmacology Division "Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation" by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) at their Chicago meeting.

Congratulations to Julia Saifetiarova on her cover story in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Saifetiarova, J., Taylor, A.M., and Bhat, M.A. (2017) Early and Late Loss of the Cytoskeletal Scaffolding Protein, Ankyrin G Reveals its Role in Maturation and Maintenance of Nodes of Ranvier in Myelinated Axons. J Neurosci. 37 (10) 2524-2538 (featured on the Cover).

Congratulations to Anna Taylor on her publication in the Frontiers of Cellular Neuroscience.

Taylor, A.M., Saifetyarova, J., and Bhat, M.A. (2017) Postnatal Loss of Neurofascin 186 and Neurofascin 155 Differentially Affects the Maintenance of Nodes of Ranvier and Health of Myelinated Axons. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 11:11.

Congratulations to Swati Banerjee for her cover story in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience.

Banerjee, S., Venkatesan, A. and Bhat, M.A. (2017) Neurexin, Neuroligin and Wishful Thinking Coordinate Synaptic Cytoarchitecture and Growth at Neuromuscular Junctions. Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 78, 9-24. (Featured on the Cover).  

Congratulations Dr. Galvan

Dr. Galvan's article "Cerebral Microvascular Accumulation of Tau Oligomers in Alzheimer's Disease and related Tauopathies" will be published in Aging and Disease at  October 2017 Volume 8, Number 5

Congratulations Dr. Daws

Dr. Lyn Daws being promoted from Member to Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP)

Congratulations to Alicia Avelar

Alicia won a travel award to attend the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego.
She will present her poster at the NIDA-NIAAA Mini-Convention in advance of the meeting as part of the award.

Congratulations Dr. Stockand

Dr. Stockand was awarded with the Palo Alto Veterans Subaward for the project, "Defining the contribution of ENaC to ADH-medicated water and sodium excretion". Great job!

Congratulations Dr. Beckstead

Dr. Beckstead was awarded an R01 for the project, "Effects of dietary restriction on age-related neurophysiological adaptations: from behavior to single dopaminergic neurons". Great job, Dr. Beckstead!

Congratulations Dr. Bhat!

Dr. Bhat was awarded the Morrison Trust for the project, "Restoration of Nerve Activity and Motor Function in Experimentally Paralyzed Animals". Great job!

Congratulations Ngoni!

Ngoni won 1st place of the 3 Minute Thesis competition at the Mikiten Graduate Reseach Symposium! He is a gradute student in Dr. Bopassa's lab. Way to go Ngoni and keep up the good work!

Congratulations Dr. Beckstead

Dr. Beckstead was mentioned in the new American Airlines magazine! Way to go Dr. Beckstead!

Congratulations Dr. Stacy Hussong

Stacy Hussong was awarded the Joe H. Ward Jr. and Bettie B. Ward Award for Excellence in the Study of Biology of Aging as a Postdoctoral Fellow!
 Way to go Stacy!

Congratulations Dr. Emmanuelle Berret

Congratulations to Dr. Berret on winning the Best Poster Presentation by a Health Science Center Postdoctoral Fellow!

Congratulations Dr. Jie Zhang!

Dr. Jie Zhang has been selected as the recipient of the Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award! Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

Congratulations Rosa Mino!

Rosa Mino has been selected as the recipient of the Graduate Student Travel Award! Congratulations Rosa!

Congratulations Dr. Martin Paukert!

Congratulations Dr. Martin Paukert! Dr. Paukert was awarded a grant from the UT BRAIN seed grant for his work entitled, "Brain Circuit Function and Locus Coeruleus". Way to go!

Congratulations Dr. Mike Beckstead!

Congratulations Dr. Mike Beckstead! Dr. Beckstead was awarded a grant from the UT BRAIN seed grant program for his work entitled,
Translatability of rodent dopaminergic neuron studies to the primate brain.

Congratulations Sarah Branch!

Sarah Branch from Dr. Beckstead's lab, won the Guarino Award for academic excellence for a Masters student! Way to go Sarah!

Congratulations Dr. Mike Beckstead!

Dr. Mike Beckstead just had a recent paper published with his former postdoctoral fellow from his lab, Lize Piccart! Please follow the link below to read this amazing work! Again congratulations!

Farnsworth Award!

On May 6th 2015, Steven Farnsworth was awarded the "Maria Yeung Student Research Award" from the department of developmental dentistry in the dental school (UTHSCSA). It is an award to recognize outstanding dental student research.

Steven Farsworth's New Award!

Steven Farnsworth recently received a travel award entitled "2015 Resident Research and Education Conference Scholarship" from the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation to attend the AAOMS Research and Education Conference in Rosemont, IL that occurred May 6-9th 2015. This award is designed to fund current residents in oral surgery specialty training programs to attend this research and education conference.

Congratulations to Dr. Martin Paukert and Dr. Lyn Daws!

Congratulations to Drs. Martin Paukert and Lynette C. Daws, who have been awarded a 2014-2015 CBN/IIMS Multi-investigator pilot grant! This award will help them to understand the role of astrocyte activation in awake behaving mice.

Congratulations Dustin Green!

Dr. Dustin Green (from the lab of Dr. Hargreaves) was awarded the John Johnson Outstanding Dissertation Award at the Student Symposium! Congrats Dustin!

NIH-R01 Award to Dr. Daws

Lynette Daws, Ph.D., NIH-R01 Award...Age-related differences in serotonin clearance: novel targets for antidepressant. Way to go!


Congratulations to Julia and Jorge for winning the Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Presentation Award at the Student Symposium! Way to go!

Congratulations to the following students!

Congratulations to the three following students for "Outstanding Student Presentation Award"...Mateen Haroon, Liang Ye and Tabita Kreko-Pierce! Way to go!

Congratulations Dr. Lyn Daws!

Dr. Daws was recognized for her service on the Neuropharmacology Division from 2009-2015 as Chair-Elect (2009-2011),  Chair (2011-2013) and Immediate Past Chair, (2013-2015)! Way to go Dr. Daws!

Congratulations Dr. Rhea Fraser!

Dr. Rhea Fraser won second place in the Neuropharmacology Division “Best Post-doctoral Oral Presentation Award”! Congratulations!

Congratulations Nathan Mitchell

Nathan Mitchell won second place in the Neuropharmacology Division “Best Graduate Student Poster Abstract/Award”! Congrats!

Congratulations Dustin Green!

Congrats Dustin Green on your new position at Johns Hopkins! Dustin Green, a graduate student in the Department of Physiology, has just accepted a postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University.

Congratulations Nasriya Witt and Jonathan Allen!

Nasriya Witt and Jonathan Allen won second grand prize for a team in the Alamo Regional Science Fair. Both are students from Health Careers High School working with Georgianna Gould in the Daws lab through their Scientific Research Design class.
The listing is as follows:

Congratulations to Shelly Buffenstein!

Dr. Buffenstein was recently awarded a renewal of her Owens Foundation grant entitled "Cancer Resistance in the Naked Mole Rat".

Physiology Graduate Student Travel Award WInner (Spring 2015)

Mateen Haroon (Dr. Jun Hee Kim’s lab) has been selected as the Spring 2015 Physiology Graduate Student Travel Award recipient.  Mateen will utilize the funds to attend the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago this fall where he will present a posted titled “Effect of extreme hypoxia on spontaneous GABA release in the MNTB synapse”.
Please join us in congratulating Mateen!

New Publication: Drs. Mark Shapiro, Sonya Bierbower and James Lechleiter.

Research suggests that an already-approved drug could reduce the debilitating impact of strokes. Mice that had treatment with a drug called retigabine after a stroke were able to traverse a balance beam without difficulty. Untreated mice displayed a pronounced loss of coordination.
Augmentation of M-Type (KCNQ) Potassium Channels as a Novel Strategy to Reduce Stroke-Induced Brain Injury. Sonya M. Bierbower, et al. The Journal of Neuroscience (February 2015): Click here to view.

Congratulations Rheaclare Fraser!

Congratulations Rheaclare Fraser on recieving the spring postdoc travel award! We can't wait to see what great things you will do with this! Have a great time traveling!

Congratulations Dustin Green!

Please join us in congratulating Dustin Green, Dr. Ken Hargreaves’ lab, on his degree approval!  Dustin’s dissertation title is “Role of TRPV1 in burn pain”.  Dustin is currently revising two first author publications and assisting with experiments on a paper that he will have a co-authorship on.  He is remaining in Dr. Hargreaves lab to finish up some final experiments while interviewing for postdoctoral fellow positions.
Congratulations, Dr. Green!

Nathan Mitchell Awarded GSBS Travel Award

Congratulations to Nathan Mitchell, graduate student in Dr. Lyn Daws' lab, who was awarded the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences travel award for travel to the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington, D.C.  Nathan was selected for funding based on his excellent academic record and standing in the scientific community.

Congratulations to Nathan Mitchell!

Nathan's poster entitled "Mechanism contributing to lack of antidepressant efficacy in juveniles and adolescents" was selected as one of the two Outstanding Graduate Student Posters at the Department of Pharmacology 21st Annual Graduate Student Symposium Friday, October 31, 2014.

Dr. Toney participates in NHLBI Working Group: Salt in Human Health and Sickness: Building on the Current Scientific Evidence

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) convened a working group of multidisciplinary researchers on May 29, 2014, in Bethesda, MD, to share current knowledge regarding the effects of dietary salt on the human body and to explore and identify scientific gaps and challenges.  See more.

Rheaclare Fraser, Ph.D., Wins Poster Presentation

Dr. Rheaclare Fraser recently won first place for the best postdoctoral poster presentation at the recent meeting of the “International Society for Serotonin Research” (ISSR) at Arabella in South Africa.  Dr. Fraser is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Lynette Daws lab.

Aging Decreases L-Type Calcium Channel Currents and Pacemaker Firing Fidelity in Substantia Nigra DopamineNeurons

Substantia nigra dopamine neurons are involved in behavioral processes that include cognition, reward learning, and voluntary movement. Selective deterioration of these neurons is responsible for the motor deficits associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Aging is the leading risk factor for PD, suggesting that adaptations occurring in dopamine neurons during normal aging may predispose individuals to the development of PD.  See more.

Dr. Brenner Receives Grant

Robert Brenner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, is the recipient of an NIH-R21 grant award entitled "SK channel antagonists as novel bronchodilators for asthma"

Recent Grant Awards

National Institutes of Health
Dr. Manzoor Bhat, NIH-R01-12, Molecular organization and function of paranodal axo-glial junctions
Dr. Jun Hee Kim, NIH-R01-01,  Synpatic mechanisms underlying auditory function and dysfunction
Dr. René Rentería, NIH-R01-01,  Dysfunction of retinal neurons and circuits early in diabetic retinopathy
Dr. Lynette Daws, NIH-R56-01, Mechanisms regulating serotonin clearance in vivo:  Studies using KO mice
Dr. Lynette Daws, NIH-R21-01, The dopamine transporter in eating disorders:  Uncovering new therapeutic targets
Dr. Shane Rea, NIH-R21-01, A mitochondria-nucleus-ribosome signaling axis controls lifespan in MIT mutants
Dr. Martin Paukert, NIH-R03-01, Effect of ethanol on Bergmann glia CA2+ dynamics during motor behaviour
Voelcker Fund
Dr. Jean Bopassa, Voelcker Fund, G protein coupled estrogen receptor1 and ischemia reperfusion injury
Owens Foundation
Dr. Rochelle Buffenstein, Resistance to Experimentally Induced Carcinogenesis in the Longest-lived Rodent
Dr. Veronica Galvan, Rapamycin as a Therapy for Vascular Damage in Alzheimer's Disease (Appropriate Doses and Timing)
Dr. Peter Hornsby, Analysis of Cellular Factors Making Chimpanzees Immune from Alzheimer's Disease and Use of Embryonic Type Stem Cells Generated From Donor Cells
JMR Barker Foundation
Dr. Veronica Galvan, Exploring the potential for rapamycin as a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
San Antonio Medical Foundation
Dr. Veronica Galvan, Interdisciplinary approaches to age-associated neurodegenerations and cognitive decline: Establishment of the SAMF Neurobehavioral Assessment Laboratory

Cardiac function of the naked mole-rat: ecophysiological responses to working underground.

The naked mole-rat (NMR) is a strictly subterranean rodent with a low resting metabolic rate. Nevertheless, it can greatly increase its metabolic activity to meet the high energetic demands associated with digging through compacted soils in its xeric natural habitat where food is patchily distributed. We hypothesized that the NMR heart would naturally have low basal function and exhibit a large cardiac reserve, thereby mirroring the species' low basal metabolism and large metabolic scope.  See more.

Nathan Mitchell Wins Travel Award

Nathan Mitchell (Dr. Daws’ lab), is the recipient of the Department of Physiology’s Graduate Student Travel Award for Spring 2014.  Nathan will use the award to attend the 11th International Society for Serotonin Research Meeting: WCP2014 Satellite in Western Cape, South Africa, where he will participate in a platform session.

Dr. Jason Pugh Seminar

"Presynaptic Receptors and Action-Potential Independent Signaling in the Axon"
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Medical School Room 444B
Department of Pharmacology Seminar Series

Dr. Rochelle Buffenstein Seminar

“The Naked Mole-Rat, A Long-Lived Animal Model for Biomedical Research”
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Medical School Room 209L
11 am – 12 pm
Department of Cellular & Structural Biology Seminar Series

Congratulations to Luke Whitmire

The Department of Physiology would like to congratulate Luke Whitmire, who successfully defended his dissertation on Friday, January 24.  Luke was a graduate student in Dr. Robert Brenner's lab.  His dissertation is titled “Granule Cell Regulation of BK Channels Following Seizure”.

Congratulations to Walter Holbein

The Department of Physiology would like to congratulate Walter Holbein who successfully defended his dissertation on Friday, November 22.  Walter was a graduate student in Dr. Glenn Toney's lab.  His dissertation is titled “Sympathetic Neurogenic Vasomotor Tone:  The Importance of Tonic Irregular Activity”.


Recent Publication with Contributions from Health Career High School and START UPs Students

Congratulations to START-UP student Corey Smolik from UTSA, and Wynne Zhang from Health Careers High School (now at Rice U.) for their authorship on "Enhanced novelty-induced corticosterone spike and upregulated serotonin 5-HT1A and cannabinoid CB1 receptors in adolescent BTBR mice".  Both students were supervised by Dr. Georgianna Gould in the laboratory of Dr. Lyn Daws.  Their study found that the inherent impaired social behavior of BTBR mice, a strain commonly used in autism research, is established by postnatal day 35 (pre-pubertal adolescence) in males.  Further, they discovered that serum corticosterone levels increased in all mice following social behavior testing, but this hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis response was significantly exaggerated in the BTBR adolescent males.
See the full paper here.

Congratulations to Karl Rodriguez, Ph.D, Awarded the Department of Physiology Travel Award

Karl Rodriguez has been selected as the recipient of the Department of Physiology Post-Doctoral Fellow Travel Award for Fall 2013.  Karl is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Rochelle Buffenstein's lab.  He will present a poster titled "Rapamycin Increases Proteasome Activity in the Brain of Young and Old Mice, but Not in Liver or Visceral Fat" at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans.

Study implicates dopamine in food restriction, drug abuse

SAN ANTONIO (Aug. 21, 2013) — Scientists reported a possible basis this week for why food-restricted animals show increased susceptibility to drugs of abuse. This association has puzzled researchers since it was first observed more than three decades ago.

Sonya Bierbower, Ph.D., Awarded the Barbara H. Bowman Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Award

Sonya Bierbower was awarded the Barbara H. Bowman Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Award on August 16, 2013, at the Graduate School Convocation.  Sonya is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Mark Shapiro’s lab. 

Congratulations to Dustin Green!

Please join us in congratulating Dustin Green, Dr. Ken Hargreaves’ lab, on his degree approval!  Dustin’s dissertation title is “Role of TRPV1 in burn pain”.  Dustin is currently revising two first author publications and assisting with experiments on a paper that he will have a co-authorship on.  He is remaining in Dr. Hargreaves lab to finish up some final experiments while interviewing for postdoctoral fellow positions.
Congratulations, Dr. Green!