Summer Physiology Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

This ten week research program is designed for highly motivated college undergraduate students with a keen interest in research careers in biomedical science. The Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology offers an exciting and diverse array of research areas, geared toward understanding the cellular and molecular underpinnings of human physiology. We seek to understand how these factors influence whole organism physiology using a number of novel model systems and cutting edge technologies.

The program provides numerous opportunities for successful applicants including:

  • Being part of a program that matches you with a faculty mentor whose research area is one of most interest to you and your career goals.
  • The opportunity to receive hands-on experience in on-going research projects, under the direction of a faculty member and their lab team.
  • Attend and interact with faculty at the informal weekly "Faculty Spotlight" sessions. Here faculty members give a brief presentation encompassing their overarching research objectives and a mini-biography of how they came to be where they are now.
  • Attend and interact with senior graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at the informal "Contemporary Issues in Physiology" weekly journal club.
  • Showcase the fruits of your summer research experience at a student seminar attended by the faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students and staff of the Department.  Students will deliver a short oral presentation about their work to the department. 

Areas of research opportunities in the Physiological Sciences include:


  • Must be a student in an undergraduate science degree program (U.S. institutions only).
  • Must have successfully completed one year in an undergraduate degree program to include at least general biology and/or introductory chemistry.
  • Must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

The SPUR application is currently open! The deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.  Please see link to apply: