Faculty Profile

Jose E. Cavazos, M.D., PhD.

Research Interests

Clinical Neurophysiology
- Clinical Neurophysiology is a tool to understand patients with Epilepsy. I am the director of the ACGME accredited Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at our institution.

- I am a Clinician Scientist in Epilepsy. I have participated in many clinical trials of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), and I am an expert in their pharmacology. I also study mechanisms of epileptogenesis in the research laboratory using experimental animal models. I teach Mechanisms of Epilepsy and AEDs to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. I also teach clinical epilepsy to Medical and Pharmacy students, Neurology and Pharmacy residents, and to Clinical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy Fellows. I take care of patients with Seizures and Epilepsy during pre-surgical evaluations and longitudinally in my VA Epilepsy Clinic.

FDA advisory panel for Neurological Drugs
- I participated as a voting member of FDA advisory panel evaluating approval or change of label for Epilepsy medications.

NIH Study section member
- I have served almost continuously since June ''02 in study sections reviewing investigator initiated research grants of R-series and fellowship training grants of F-series, all of them within the scope of NINDS.

The American Epilepsy Society
- At the American Epilepsy Society, I have been involved in crafting the national Epilepsy curriculum for medical students, neurology residents, and have been in the Council of Education overseeing the CME program for 8 out of the past 10 years. For 3 years, I served as the chair of the website committee overhauling the entire content of the website ( www.aesnet.org ), which includes over 200 hrs of lecture/MP3/slide materials from our annual meetings (2004 - present) and abstracts of these meetings since 2000. I was the vice-chair of the scientific program of the 63rd annual meeting of the AES for the December 3-8, 2009 program in Boston, and I served as the chair of the 64th scientific program for the December 3-7, 2010 annual meeting in San Antonio. In recent years, our annual meeting attendance has exceeded 4,000 registrants (1,800 from abroad) and over 1,200 abstracts have been presented. It is the largest world meeting for Epilepsy.

Jose E. Cavazos, M.D., PhD. Education
Selected Publications

Cavazos JE. Increased Interconnectivity between Hippocampal Lamellas induced by Seizure-induced Sprouting leads to Circuitry Hyperexcitability in Experimental Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; 2012 Jan. (Epilepsy Currents; vol. 12, no. S1).       

Cavazos JE. Neuronal loss in the NTS induced by KA induced Status Epilepticus Rats while sparing other Brainstem Nuclei Predisposition to SUDEP; 2012 Jan. (Epilepsy Currents; vol. 12, no. S1).       

Velez AM, Morgan L, Karkar K, Gherman E, Cavazos JE, Szabo CA. Does Treatment of Depression Before Neurosurgical Intervention For Epilepsy, Improves Surgical Outcome?; 2012 Jan. (Epilepsy Currents; vol. 12, no. S1).