Program Mission and Goals

  1. Program Mission: To train new investigators with the necessary competencies and breadth of expertise needed for future biomedical research. This mission will be accomplished by achieving programmatic goals listed below.
  2. Program Goals:
    1. Active recruitment of excellent trainees and mentors
    2. Training clinician-investigators and PhD scientists
    3. Securing a group mentoring environment in the program
    4. Facilitating trainee collaboration and broadening of trainee experiences
    5. Fostering the use of a multidisciplinary approach by mentors and trainees
    6. Insuring broad networking opportunities for trainees
    7. Continued evaluation and development of trainees
    8. Inclusion of didactic courses, workshops, and seminars in trainee development
    9. Insuring that workforce diversity is maintained in trainee and faculty mentor populations
    10. Regular expert evaluation of the training program