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Administrative Staff

Michelle Pena, MBA, CPA
Administrator, Department of Physiology
210-567-4327, Room 3.049V.2, Long Campus
Pamela Tyler
Assistant to the Chair
210-562-9207, Room 236.1, STRF
Leticia Davila
Budget Analyst-Intermediate
210-567-4321, Room 3.041V-2, Long Campus
Tanya Davila Tanya Davila
Program Coordinator
210-567-4381, Room 3.049V, Long Campus
Lyudmila Grinshpan
Senior Research Coordinator
210-567-6559, Room 3.041V-3, Long Campus
Rachel Cox
Research Coordinator
210-562-9200, Room 208, STRF
Eric Snow
Biomedical Engineer-Associate
210-567-4351, Room 3.073V, Long Campus
Catherine Stumpff
Administrative Assistant - Associate
210-567-4114, Room 3.041V, Long Campus